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I have a petition to have the US government recognize Endometriosis as a disabling condition, I was wondering if you would be willing to reblog it to help it reach the 100,000 signatures needed to be considered by the White House. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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The following is a submission. To share your silly, scandalous or scary tale from the gynecologist office, hit us up.

Most painful part of my first pap smear appointment today: when the gynecologist asked when I last had sex and I started crying about my ex-boyfriend.

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The following is a submission. To share your silly, scandalous or scary tale from the gynecologist office, hit us up.

About 8 years ago I went to my second ever gyno appointment. 

"Did you lose a lot of weight quickly?" She asked as she pressed on my abdomen. 

Meanwhile, I continued to be mostly naked and prone in front of a virtual stranger. I’d been drinking 4 cups of coffee a day and taking in about 700 calories a day for about two months. ”Yes,” I replied. 

"Yeah, I could tell because of the loose skin on your stomach. That’ll never go away no matter how many crunches you do. You’ll probably need surgery for it."


Seven years later I decided I felt safe enough go back for my next annual. With a different doctor. 

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She Had Knuckle Tattoos, Like Me!


For the past year or so, I’ve been going to Planned Parenthood as my primary OB/GYN care. The last visit I had earlier this year was for my annual exam, and I met with yet another fabulous female doctor who had quirky hair and tattoos on her hands (like me!). When she was finished, I got up to get dressed and she said “Take your time, I’m just going to look at these slides under the microscope.” I paused mid-bra hooking, and poked my head out from behind the curtain to say, “How freaking cool is your job that you get to say things ‘I’m just going to look at these under my microscope’?!” She turned around with a giggle, replying with “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!” If anyone was walking by, they must have thought two crazy people were in the room because of the way we were laughing.

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Today was the second time I went to a gynecologist. The first time, I was about 18 and had a cyst in my right ovary so no one looked at my vagina, they just gave me birth control and that was it. I now have hypothyroidism so I had to go get checked today to talk about my menstrual cycle- I didn’t think he would look at my vagina or do a rectal exam. To say the least, it was super awkward since I’ve never had sex but as soon as I got out my mother had asked me if I had at least shaved my legs for the visit and I laughed so much and so awkwardly while in the waiting room. (I really didn’t go prepared haha) 

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Submission: What did you see down there?

Submitted by i-p:

On my first trip to the gynecologist after putting my clothes back on the doctor told me I should eat more yogurt. I had no idea what down there made her think I needed more lean proteins, but I don’t want to know.

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Should this man have a medical license?

So I just had my annual appointment and I figured it was a good time to get the facts on this so-called “free birth control” that everyone is talking about.  I’m lucky to have health insurance, but not so lucky with its prescription coverage (i.e. my bc costs $50/month); therefore, I get my supplies from the all-mighty Planned Parenthood for $13. 

My understanding is that the free birth control wouldn’t apply to me until the new year when my coverage begins anew; however, I figured my gyno would know WAY more about it than me so I should seize the moment and get the details.  Here’s how he enlightened me:

Him: So, do you need a new prescription for… Mononessa?

Me:  Well, I usually get it at Planned Parenthood because it’s so expensive.

Him:  Oh, really?

Me:  Yeah, $13 versus $50 with my insurance.  But, I know birth control is supposed to be free now because of the Affordable Care Act so I think I will start going to the pharmacy.

Him:  (Looking at me like I have two vaginas) Really?  I hadn’t heard that.

Me:  Well, yeah, it goes along with women’s preventative care…  Right? 

Him:  Well, I know there’s been a lot of controversy with all of that, and this is a Catholic hospital so of course it’s been a big deal around here, but I hadn’t heard it was going to be free.

Me:  Ok, well I’ll still take the prescription.

Now, here’s my problem.  I still don’t know if and when I can get free birth control, but obviously I’ll be talking with my insurer.  However, the fact that my doctor didn’t know anything at all about this huge new development in women’s healthcare when women’s health is his JOB, I’m wondering if I should be trusting him with my health.

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Submission: Six Degrees of Snooki’s Vagina

Gynologues follower submission:

My partner and I are expecting and went to our hospital for a childbirth class. While there, we were not able to go on our tour of Labor & Delivery because they had shut it down but that “everything was okay”.  When the nurse was explaining this to our group, I of course thought that someone was trying to steal a baby. 

Thankfully, my partner noticed that there was a camera crew in L&D.  Being in NJ, I immediately deduced that Snooki was in labor (the fact that I knew Snooki was close to her due date is not something I’m proud of).  

Later, I did find out that it was Snooki in labor, AND that we share the same OBGYN, AS DOES my professor’s wife, AS DOES my partner’s assistant’s daughter. 

And that is not awkward at all.

- Anon

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@Gynologues: My Gyno tried to get me to go to her Mary K seminar. She said “I like what I do okay but Mary K is gonna change my life.”


Antique Birthing Chair, making patients feel warm & cozy, at the entrance of a gynecologist office in Houston, TX.

Antique Birthing Chair, making patients feel warm & cozy, at the entrance of a gynecologist office in Houston, TX.

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And The Winner For The Best Name Of A Feminine Hygiene Product Company (Or Perhaps Any Company) Goes To …

Thanks to follower everywherethereslife for directing us to what clearly has to be the single greatest accomplishment in the history of naming any company, anywhere.

lately I’ve been searching for more animal friendly/organic companies, and along my travels came across this site and the name just made me giggle

We’re giggling, too.

So ladies, if you’re seeking “gentle care down there,” you’re covered. High fives (virtually), for our sisters over at Healthy Hoo Hoo. Keep up the g’work!

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That Morning After

Yes Ive bought and taken the morning after pill more than once in my life and more than once in a three month time period. I had purchased Plan B at the pharmacy close to my apartment after a one-nighter I brought home from the bar. Wasnt much fun having that experience of requesting it from a male pharmacist. I like to convince myself that a female pharmacist has a little more perspective and understanding, but that might be »>JUST ME«<. A few months later, I ended up in the same predicament of a bringing home someone and was right back at the pharmacy. What can I say, I was lonely? Slutty? Same difference to me. To save myself the embarrassment of potentially encountering the same pharmacist as a few months before I went to one closer to work. This time I got a female and thought I was safe from the embarrassing feeling but I still managed to make it weird. Turns out they were out of Plan B but had the generic brand. The pharmacist tells me its $45 and I end up saying out loud Im saving five dollars. Yea that didnt make me sound too much like a frequent shopper, knowing the price of Plan B. Understand it would have been cheaper and safer to have been on the pill during this whole charade, but so hard to keep up with all the poor decisions I was making at the time.


Diagnosis: Your school’s medical center employee is a nut bar

This wasn’t exactly the gyno, but similar arena.

During sophomore year of college a friend of mine and I decided to go to the school health center because we had these weird lower abdominal pains. Yup, both of us! She got them first and then I did. Neither of us really knew any better, were away from home and were hoping that this woman that was hired by the school as a doctor or nurse would be able to tell us what the hell was going on.

We’re brought into her office one at a time. I go in and she asks me to un-do my pants (side note: she tells me my jeans are cute because they have a drawstring - she’s never seen that … o-kay). She asks where the pain is, I indicate where and she says OK. I go back outside where my friend is waiting (having experienced the same exam) and this woman tells us that we’re just ovulating and it’s nothing to worry about. Really, we’re ovulating … that is the diagnosis?

Don’t remember the exact timing - maybe it was a week or a few days later, but eventually we took my friend to the emergency room in the middle of the night and found out she had kidney stones. And THAT was the pain she was experiencing. We spent the whole night/wee morning hours in the ER. What about me? Apparently it was sympathy pains! My stupid body syncs up with my friends’ menstrual cycles, why not get in on this awful pain, too? Stupid body.  

Thinking back … I don’t even really remember if the health center’s office had this woman’s degree displayed on the wall, like that of real doctors. The school very easily could have just hired her off the street with the brilliant crazy diagnosis’s she was handing out. We never sought her advice again for the remainder of college.


No Place For Jokes, Missy …

In answering the line of questioning from the doctor about if I’m currently dating (read: doing) anyone, I make a joke that after finding out I had gotten HPV last year I was staying away from guys … it was best for my mental and physical well being. We both laugh.

Make another visit to the same doctor’s office a few months later and the nurse practitioner is reading over my chart and says, “Are you still celibate?” I couldn’t believe the gyno took my joke and incorporated it into the paperwork! Stunned! Sarcasm, not a fan?

Very aware now that without quotation marks, italics or accompanied rim shot, a joke in the gyno’s office is not a place to joke around. Boo.


The Old Pro

New to town and no health insurance, I had no choice but to go to the local Planned Parenthood. And BTW, very thankful they cater to the un-insured when there’s serious lady business on the line.

Prior to moving, in my last trip to the gyno, the pap came back with abnormal cells and was told I had contracted HPV. Which then involves a procedure to find out what kind of strand of HPV you have and if it’s anything that could lead to cancer, etc. Gyno says it’s not anything like that after the results come back, and my body could clear it up on its own. Okedoke.

Planned Parenthood has my file from my last gyno, needs to perform that procedure again to find out if the HPV had left the building. Endure that pain-y, pinch-y procedure again and await the results. I’m told it’ll take a week to get the results back from the lab and to follow up with the office if I don’t hear anything. I don’t, so I call. They inform me that the lab said they didn’t get enough cells, so they need to do the procedure … AGAIN.

Back in the stirrups at Planned Parenthood, another doctor steps up to the challenge. She starts to tell me what she’s going to do and I stupidly interrupt with a stupid comment, “Oh I know, this is my third time having this done.”

Now does that make me sound like the most intelligent, responsible individual? That there might be so much traffic downtown, that I’m on round three of this awful procedure? No, the answer is no. Should I have just shut up and allowed her to go through with her pre-game hoopla so I could just go to work? Yes, the answer is yes.

She asks me why I have had it three times — and it occurs to me then that I should have said nothing — I explain I had it once before I moved here, once last month as a follow-up and because that gyno who did it last time didn’t get enough cells, so the lab couldn’t run the test.

She’s not amused. She gets down to business, and it is so damn quick.

It still hurts, but she is on her feet and half way out the door when I hear her say, “I got enough cells, they can’t complain.” Making it seem like it was so non-chalant. Almost like, bitch stop wasting my time.