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Today is National Women’s Checkup Day! Visits to the gynecologist are so important to make sure you’re healthy.

If you’re wondering what will happen at your gyno appointment, or when you should go, check out this video!

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My gyno’s office is the best. Speculum Sally.

Sweet baby Jesus …


My gyno’s office is the best.
Speculum Sally.

Sweet baby Jesus …

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As my gyno is checking my lady parts she tells me that her son is in one of my classes & always talks about me.. Oh cute not awkward at all
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Diagram of female reproductive system =the Texas Longhorn’s Logo. Gyno not impressed with this observation. Gyno clearly not from Texas.
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A girl sitting in the gyno office is pregnant and I look down and she has a tattoo on her foot that says YOLO. Someone YOLOed a lil too hard
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I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that my Spanish prof. made an appointment with her Gyno while I was in a meeting w/ her.
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I asked my smiling friend what was up and she said she had just been to the Gyno who said to her “You have a BEAUTIFUL cervix!” Awesome.
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What’s it like to get an STD test?



Ok, so it’s not that extreme. But really - just pee in a cup. You pee like 5 times a day anyway so why not head over to your local Planned Parenthood health center and pee in their bathroom? 

You might also want to ask for a blood test or a physical exam. STD tests are quick and easy, and you’ll feel better when you know your status.

Make an appointment right now »

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Today’s the day!


Vagina, I apologise for what they’re gonna do to you today. I hope this is worth it!

Things to remember:
- Request/demand/have a tantrum over the speculum
- Ask about STI checks (clueless)
- Ask about Lidocaine
- Pray I get prescribed dilators
- Yep that’s about it.
- I’m scared

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Y’all. Pap smears are not that bad. Women make them out to be a nightmare and very painful. I didn’t even really feel it and it took like 5 seconds. Women doctors see vaginas all day long. They chose it as a career. So to anybody that’s freaking out bc you have to go to a lady doctor, don’t!! It’s not that bad!

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Thanks for going with me today Bre. You made it not hurt :)

And now I feel super close with you now that you’ve seen my vag.

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Going to the lady doc tomorrow. I shall obtain a magic filled bottle of pregnancy prevention.

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So I have gyno today after work and my grandma is taking me. I get in the car this morning with my grandpa to go to work and he says “oh man, so you’ve got to go see the butcher today huh?”

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that awkward moment when you’re about to spread your legs and the gynecologist compliment your socks. 😒

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i look hella cute today and this is not the place to be spending it i should be out where the whole world can see how well i did my eyeliner today