Note to self: When people ask why we don’t pursue online dating, reference this.

OKStupid? Man allegedly carjacks woman after their date | MSN Now

A walk along the beach? Most first dates don’t start with that kind of romance. But that’s what Donald Bernard McGee Jr. chose for his date with a woman last Friday in Boynton Beach, Fla. The pair later drove, in the woman’s car, to a Wendy’s parking lot, where McGee, 19, said his brother would pick him up. That’s when McGee allegedly carjacked his date, whipping out a gun and telling her to get out of the car. The woman flagged down a passerby, who called 911, then the pair chased McGee onto a highway, at which point police caught up with McGee and eventually arrested him. McGee had some moxie: He reportedly told police that the woman had carjacked him, and that he was trying to escape her. [Source]